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Gift Ideas

Copper striped box
with votive candle,
tea-motif sticky
notepad, box of tea
and hot chocolate

Pink striped box with
tea strainer, teaspoon,
tin of loose tea, 3-in-1
card of teabags,
coffee and
chocolate $271

Square wicker basket
with large teapot,
2 packs of loose tea
and coffee $312

Tray with hot
chocolate, coffee,
box of teabags and
loose teas $255

Tray with rhinestones
tea-for-one teapot &
cup, creamer & sugar
dainty teaspoon, box
of teabags and
shortbread biscuits

Tray with tea-for-one
teapot & cup, teabag
holder, infuser, loose
tea< and 2 packs of
teabags $227

Wicker basket with
cup & saucer, teaspoon,
filters, coffee, loose tea,
hot chocolate and
hershey's chocolate

Xmas basket with
teacup & infuser,
chocolate, teabags,
loose tea and coffee

4-cup Glass Flowering
Teapot & pack of
Flowering Tea $325

Copper striped box
with 2 packs of Hot
Chocolate and 2
4-sachet tea
pillows $91

Tea & Coffee Press
with Gourmet Coffee
and Loose-Leaf
Tea $251

Wooden Teachest with
40 teas in 4 assorted
flavours -
or $233 wrapped

Asian Bowl Gift $57

Basket Tray with Hot
Chocolate Gift $269

Cranberry Tuscan
Mug Gift $95

Glass Hexagon Bowl
Gift $187

Gold Laquered Tray
Gift Basket $310

Green Checkered
Box Gift $114

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